Measurement artefacts and inhomogeneity detection: R scripts and data supplement

The directory scripts_1022_3 contains a number of data files and R scripts that allow reproducing the computatings in the report Measurement artefacts and inhomogeneity detection, written by Lydia Gerharz, Ben Graeler, and Edzer Pebesma, written as a sub-contracting activity for the ETC/ACM.

The scripts should be run in order of numbering, as they contain dependencies on pre-computed results. The script called ``run.R'' runs the full set of scripts in correct order. On a Windows computer, the scripts may need to b e modified to set the right working directory with the setwd() command. The external library VGAM needs to be installed for running the scripts; this can be done by


It should be noted that the data sets are NOT validated Airbase data, and may very likely contain erroneous measurements, or measurement artifacts, as detecting such artefacts was the purpose of the study. For that reason, station names and codes have been removed. For more information, the reader is refered to the report. The tools for the outlier checks are, at the current stage, not recommended for use in routine quality control. The tests on discontinuities are even more premature.

Full reference:

L. Gerharz, B. Graeler, E. Pebesma, 2011. Measurement artefacts and inhomogeneity detection. ETC/ACM Technical Paper 2011/8, Released 2011/12/06.

Spatio-temporal interpolation of daily PM10 concentrations across Europe in 2005

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Detecting outlying observations and structural changes in European air quality data: R scripts and data supplements

ETC/ACM Technical Paper 2012/16, Task - Subtask 5b, written by Mirjam Rehr, Edzer Pebesma, Benedikt Graeler: see here for the zip file with all data and (R, knitr) analysis scripts.

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