Modellierung dynamischer und räumlicher Prozesse

Winter Semester 2007/2008, ifgi, Edzer J. Pebesma

Lecture material

  1. 16.10.07: slides, scans of Frankfurter Algemeine 28.09.07, front page, complete story


The test will be given on Wed Jan 30, 10:00-12:00, location: H2 am Hindenburgplatz. Das große Hörsaalgebäude gegenüber vom Schloss (auf der anderen Straßenseite)

Exercise material

The exercises have not yet been set. Two pieces of software we will most likely use are You can find introductory/tutorial material through the respective web sites.


The first two books can be borrowed without asking (but please leave a note), and should otherwise be on my desk at RvE, 5th floor.

Home work

Assignment and test

A test is planned on 30 Jan 2007, 10:00-12:00, and will cover the material treated in the lectures and exercises. The questions will not be of the kind "how do I do this with R", but rather refer to the modelling itself.

The assignment will be a written report of max 5 pages (regular fonts/margins/page size, including figures and/or tables) on a modelling exercise you set up yourself. It should include an introduction, a central research question, a description of the data, a description of the analysis and the results, and concluding remarks answering the central research question. It is allowed to do the research in couples, but the written report should be made individual. It should be handed in the latest two weeks before end of Semester Ferien (exact date/time will follow). German is allowed, English is encouraged.

The final mark will be computed from both exercise and test (equally weighted, but both need to be passed).